Tangible items to some people is the only way to believe that something is real. Maybe they are scared to close their eyes and imagine.  Too scared to listen to their ideas and act upon it.  I started to realize that creating art is about the act of doing and sticking through all the rough times.  The hurdles that you jump through is art and the final product is the outcome of art.  I am starting to see the word 'art' to be more of a verb to me.  I want to art, are you arting?

I also had this belief that Nothing Is Something.  You may have seen glimpses of the N=S logo through the film and now on the collection. Nothing Is Something started as my production company.  It was a way to hide from the face of Jan Lim as an individual but now I feel like it's a platform where I can play with ideas and collaborate arting.  Anyways, to simply put it, Nothing Is Something is the belief that we are all rich and that we really never have 'nothing'. It was important that we included a reminder of that in the collection.

- Jan Lim



Why'd it take so long?

Surely we thought the process after completing the film would be easier. Between The Lines began expanding beyond a film. It was always more than a documentary and it's just the beginning to something bigger; (more than we originally thought). It's exciting, it's beautiful, and POWERFUL! Our every next move, we trotted delicately. We wanted the documentary release to reach the masses as best as possible. We began ordering the 2018 designs and preparing them for the first "photoshoot".


Originally, we planned to have professional models come in to collaborate with our brand but that quickly took a turn. What was Between The Lines? It was a community-based-light that powered us and what we stood for. With that, we sought out 3 individuals of the Subaru community whom we felt represented the Between The Lines brand to bring "Following The Light". Just like when we were developing the documentary, it ignited that powerful connection with the people and the brand and bridged us together. While Jan and I switched back and forth doing photography during the first shoot, we chatted with them about what mattered to them. Topics and things they stood for. Read their responses, you'll see why they are special (click Following The Light at the top menu). I believe we can take a step back and learn from everyone. We're on this planet one time, let's make our footprint just as man did on the moon.

- Jose Valdez


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