After Between The Lines documentary was privately screened at the Los Angeles Film School, we started to discuss  the most effective way to get the film into the eyes of the community. Our guidelines were: ACCESSIBLE, FREE, & SHARABLE.  As we shared these ideas, we felt the urge to show what the film means, give people the chance to represent BTL and to be proud of being part of this amazing community.



"Creating products brought me back to my childhood drawing basketball players and their team jerseys.  It was like designing my own jersey and this time it was special because the designs are not solely aesthetic but have a belief attached to it.  Each design is influenced from a feeling or time we were going through.  It reminds me of superheroes and capes where the capes are purely aesthetic to the costume but at the same time they had magic and the power to fly.  I wanted to recreate this feeling.

-Jan Lim



"I don't think we ever thought we would be at this position designing apparel. Naturally, it was a cascading effect after the film was finished that we both thought fit natural to create. Not only to have a brand the community can proudly wear but also expand our creative ability beyond filmmaking. Designing apparel was something I always wanted to do and it's very liberating to chase after a new creative outlet now with a purpose. To create a lifestyle brand that means something to people and it's something they'd believe in for themselves."

-Jose Valdez

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