On Friday, October 13, 2017 the full feature documentary made a private screening appearance at the Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood, California.  Being a Subaru filled weekend with Global Rallycross and Subiefest, it allowed us to gather our closest family, friends, and car enthusiasts from all around the United States in attendance. We had two back-to-back shows and filled over 300 seats and ended each show with a Q&A segment.
"Everything boiled down to this moment. We had to show that Friday. We had people from all over come far to attend.  Crazy story was Jose and I kept having our final export for the show, CRASH, up until the showing. But you know what?  We finally showed the film and I remember sitting in my seat, thinking to myself, damn I am so happy to be surrounded by everyone that took time off to come tonight.  I was mixed with so many emotions from happiness to feelings of vulnerability to relief.  It felt like my contribution to humanity."
- Jan Lim
"We spent hours and hours trying to prepare for the release event -- not only preparing the film but creating invites, permits, a venue, etc. We wanted to create a special gathering as we show the film for the very first time. Showing the film, it really came down to the wire. I felt sick to my stomach with mixed emotions and finally, maybe about 15 minutes before showing, WE HAD THE FILM WORKING IN THE THEATER! As the film played, there was a moment in the theater where I noticed in the row in front of me, a special family get closer to each other and at the moment I said to myself, "That's why we do what we do. To document and shine light on these special people. This is what filmmaking is about.
Things came full circle for me once the movie credits rolled up and I instantly started to cry. The behind the scene moments to get here, to have my family sitting next to me, my mom watching from up above, and be surrounded by friends and the Subaru community, it meant so much to me. I look back at these photos in amazement that this film brought all these people together. Appreciative of the people that made the first private screening of Between The Lines a moment that I'll carry with me forever."
- Jose Valdez


  • Tyler

    Thank you for making this. Much appreciation to everyone involved. Subie love

  • Stephen Mirkin

    What an honor to be a part of this film. As Family Man, Jan told my story with beauty and dignity and I hope it inspires others to become platelet or blood donors. But, it is our love of Subies that brought us together at the Subiefest in 2016. I hope this film catapults Jan into the greatness that he has displayed in this movie.

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