It all started with an idea that grew too quickly.  The idea was to document the Los Angeles Subaru community and edit a 3-5 minute video as a side project to post online.  Each story lead to the next and soon we found ourselves traveling across the United States and Japan.  We had gathered beautiful stories and had met the most amazing people.  Filming this documentary has expanded our growth and hopefully it has done the same for you.  The meaning of Subaru, to unite has truly played a part in our lives.  And as initially planned we are proud to share the full feature documentary Between The Lines online. 




I wish I could say that I had a long history of Subarus being in my life but I don't.  However, I was always into cars and driving.  Driving gave me this feeling of freedom.  It let's me feel alive and in control of my life.  Our lives are literally in our own hands if you think about it, so I made a documentary.  The more I said I was going to film it the more I believed in myself.  I would like to think that energy started bringing the right people around to work on this.  We traveled, shot, talked creative, met people, traveled some more, work on our craft, and started dreaming about the completion and future of this little baby that we raised.  Thinking about this whole experience and reminiscing over the images, I think the best part about it all was meeting so many amazing people.  S/O to my family, my fiancé, my friends, and everyone who has in some way touched this film. 



I never owned a Subaru. I was always interested in Subaru but didn't think it was a realistic car that I could own at the time. While out on a job, my dad calls saying my car was completely totaled. Nervous, worried, I immediately started searching so I can commute for work. My uncle Danny gave me a life lesson that I'll carry with me that day at the dealership, "If you like it, go for it. It'll all be alright and you'll find a way to make it happen." And with that mentality, I was able to purchase my first car, 2017 Subaru WRX.

Me getting my first Subaru was influenced by Jan and the Between The Lines documentary. At that time, I wasn't apart of the project and the kickstarter was up as he was in the middle stages of the film process. I donated and believed in the project from day one. Little did I know that I would find myself apart of the Between The Lines team creating alongside Jan. The kickstarter failed to meet it's goal and I knew how special the documentary was and wanted to be apart of it. To combine my talents with Jan's, it was unstoppable energy. So Jan and I met, and he graciously opened doors to the documentary with me.


"Every Jordan needs a Rodman" -KW

There were numerous sacrifices we had to make to complete this. More filming, more editing, losing sleep, constantly driving between San Diego and Los Angeles setting up editing stations at each other's houses. Looking back, it was all an experience. It expanded my creative ability, test of endurance, and test of motivation to keep going. It was more than a film for me, it was hard to keep going when there were bills to be paid, time with my family and girlfriend lost but when I sat there and edited, I felt the need to give these special people that light. Because of what they do and the sacrifices they make. That is how we grow.

I know family was worried that I was making this commitment knowing there was no money involved making this project. The sacrifices is the money, it was knowledge, it was meeting all these amazing people and the experiences that came along with it. To create freely and expand yourself is the money. Being a filmmaker, I never felt connected with a project where I was able to fully push my creative box. To create, is priceless. Like painting, making music or whatever your knit is. The purpose of filmmaking for me is to create, document, and develop something that actually has purpose.


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  • Charles chaboya

    Wow! What a powerful impact you have shown these fellow subie owners! Hat taken off and a round of applause. Magnificent and simply splendid.

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