Jose literally texts me a Craigslist ad on Friday, June 22 at 10:22 AM telling me he has found the car that he has been waiting for.  It's everything that he has been looking for. I told him that I was ready for a road trip to get it.  So after an already packed weekend with a Friday night shoot, wedding planning on Saturday along with repacking gear for a Tuesday shoot in Palm Spring, I was ready to accompany Jose to Flagstaff, Arizona on Sunday morning.


The thing that amazes me is the dedication and confidence that Jose has for himself. Doubt is an external force that has taught us to play it safe.  We need to start listening to our hearts.  It will never guide you wrong.  In addition to listening to our hearts we must act and help those around us.  We need to educate people, write about these powerful stories of miracles coming true.  In closing, Jose, you deserve all of this and I'm glad we get to share theses moments together.  These 2 days have been an example of growth and that you are on the right track in life.




  • Edinson

    This is an awesome story. I has a slightly similar one. Since my wife and I decided to move home to Texas from southern California I made the toughest mature decision so far. I told my wife that we should sell my first Subaru. A beautiful obisidien black pearl 2006 wrx tr. The car that put me on a path to share my love for Subaru. She was surprised and didnt want me to at first but since we were looking to buy our first home I thought it would be a smart move. And it was. We bought our first home and we were very happy and excited to finally settle down. But after the excitement began to fade I found myself looking for my next Subaru. I wanted something, anything Subaru but nothing seemed quite right until I saw that silver 99 Impreza 2.5 RS. We drove about 3 and a half ours at 4 AM one Saturday morning to go pick her up and just like that I felt whole again. If funny how the right car can make you feel complete.

  • Jason

    Cool road trip for a cool car. Too bad some 15+ ruined your shot trying to line up ;)

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