The journey making this documentary started with our director and cinematographer Jan Lim's idea of capturing the local Subaru car clubs in Southern California.  The project quickly grew as he learned about the culture and met more people.  He found himself traveling to Japan and across the United States with his fiancée, dogs, cousin AJ, and friends in the film industry.  Jan had to start curating the stories to encompass a massive culture into one dissectible art form.  

There were numerous struggles throughout the self funded project. Jan had to prioritize this documentary over his production jobs while self investing it back through travel and gear to capture these stories.  After over a year of filming it was time for post production.  This is when Jan needed the most help and could not afford a post production team.  Companies that said would financially help ended up backing out and Jan even turned down a deal to hand over what he had already filmed to a production company that said they would have edited it.   

After launching an unsuccessful kickstarter campaign Jan was at a stand still with the documentary until his friend Jose Valdez devoted the next year to filming, editing, and help push this film to it's final stages.  

If it weren't for the the people involved in the film, the conversations and discussion with one another, the patience and support of family around us, the tears and pain of pushing forward everyday on this project,  we would have not grown as individuals and have the chance to share this full feature independent documentary with you.


"Between The Lines" is greater than just a car documentary.  It is the belief that there is more than what is seen on the surface level.  It is the everyday struggle that we all live through and how we can turn that around into something greater.  It is the belief we have within ourselves that we can do anything we set our minds to and make a difference to those around us.  We have to believe in ourselves to the point where nothing will stop us from our dreams despite all of the physical, mental,  monetary, and external forces.  As we navigate through this one chance on Earth, keep in mind that there is more to life when you look "Between The Lines".

This documentary is a testament to that belief.